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Carolyn Beer, PsyD

CA Licensed Psychologist #21736: NJ License #SI0003952

I am a dually-licensed psychologist (NJ & CA) currently practicing in a private office in Westlake Village, CA.   I earned both my Masters and Doctorate degrees in School/Clinical Child Psychology from Pace University, New York. I have worked in multiple mental health settings including public school counseling and child study team offices, adult and child inpatient facilities, adolescent day treatment programs, emergency rooms, and private practice for over 20 years.  My training and experience has led me to take a holistic approach in working with clients of all ages in order to gain a context for their presenting symptoms and then choose from a variety of techniques and strategies that will best address their needs rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach.  I started my career in New Jersey and relocated to California about 18 years ago where I am enjoying working with colleagues in the Thriving Families office suite.  

Areas of Expertise

 I specialize in working with children and teens whose unique cognitive and developmental needs require an understanding of how to adapt and apply adult psychological principles and techniques appropriately.  While this is an area of specialization, I feel fortunate to have a practice that includes clients of all ages, which only enhances my treatment perspective, understanding and empathy for all my clients. The development of self-identity, purpose, and fulfillment has been a particular area of interest and has often becomes part of the therapeutic process in addition to alleviation of specific symptoms.  I incorporate interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness therapies depending on my client's needs.  Art, storytelling, and dynamic games have also been very helpful for those who feel anxious about beginning therapy.  Some of the most common requests for therapy have included:

  • anxiety
  • depression 
  • emotional dysregulation
  • identity development & life transitions
  • self-defeating patterns
  • bereavement
  • social skills & problematic behavior
  • educational issues & school avoidance 
  • parenting strategies for handling difficult behaviors and developing resilience in children

Services Offered:

  • Individual Therapy 

  • ​Family Therapy

  • Behavioral Plans

  • Site Visits & Consultations

  • Psychological Evaluations & Educational Testing 

Session Duration:

Sessions are 45 minutes in length, but may be extended up to 60 minutes as determined by Dr. Beer without additional fees.  Initial appointments require a full 90 minutes.  

Fees & Insurance:

Fees are collected at the time of service. For your convenience, credit payments are accepted in addition to cash or check.  

$175 per therapy hour

$225 for initial session

To take advantage of your out-of-network provider insurance coverage, please contact your insurance carrier for your reimbursement rate.  Out of network rates typically cover 40-60% of the fee. Expenses can be easily submitted via a superbill, which is provided to you at the end of each session.  


Contact Me

To set up an appointment or for further questions, please call the number below. I will personally respond to your call, generally within a few hours. (If you do not hear back within 24 hours, please don't hesitate to leave a second message as the original may have not gotten through. For privacy reasons, I generally due not respond via email for this is not a protected communication.  For the same reason, please refrain from leaving any any sensitive information concerning you or your child in an email. 

31356 Via Colinas

# 114

Westlake Village CA 91362

Tel: 805-910-8606

(This is truly the BEST way to get in touch with me).

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